In Margaret Atwood’s futuristic novel “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the “handmaids” are young women who serve as the breeding partners of the old powerful men, because their wives are all infertile. They are considered nothing more than surrogate wombs. They are required to have sex with these men and when they give birth their babies are taken away and given to the wives of the men. Their sole function to is to bear children, although obviously the men derive a great deal of pleasure out of this “arrangement”.

When I found out the truth about the dairy industry, my mind kept going back to “The Handmaids’s Tale”. I find there are a lot of similarities between Margaret Atwood’s futuristic horror story, and the cruelty we force dairy cows to endure during their short, sad, abused life. The species is different but actions the same. And in both cases the abuser is human.

Dairy cows are raped. When their babies are born they are removed from them at birth, sometime when less than an hour old. The mothers cry for days. The babies, weak and terrified are put in crates or cage. If male, they are slaughtered or sold for meat immediately, or fed a sickly diet and sold as veal at 16-20 weeks. All so that we can have milk and ice cream and cheese.

We are continually lied to by the dairy industry and sold the myth of the happy cow. There is no such thing. Just cruelty and abuse.

I wonder how many people would continue to consume these products if they knew the true cost. I know a lot will, but I know too, that like me, others will find the price too high, and the pain to great to bear.


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